Sabrina Elba and husband Idris Elba matched in vivid hues and white lace-up boots during the Gucci show during Milan Fashion Week.

Idris Elba and his wife, Sabrina Elba, sat front row at the Gucci autumn 2023 runway show this morning during Milan Fashion Week. When the couple arrived at the ceremony, they were dressed in complementing colours.
Sabrina chose a maximalist outfit from Gucci’s cruise 2023 collection and wore a colourful one. She was wearing a coat with a combination of red, green, and chevron patterns. Sabrina carried the Gucci Jackie 1961 classic bag to complete her look.

Sabrina opted for a stylish haircut to highlight her beauty and a cool-girl look with her choice of large, black sunglasses.
Sabrina complemented the structured dress with contrasting Gucci white boots that were much higher than knee-high. These heels, which are about 5 inches tall, provide a classic yet unique silhouette. The laces are identical from the two all the way up the thigh.
Idris was wearing a seafoam suit with a large, noticeable lapel and black tortoiseshell buttons at the time. The actor was wearing a light-green button-down shirt underneath to match the colour of the outfit. He also donned a thin, textured black tie, which was part of the ultimate stylish look. He was wearing Men’s GG loafers from Gucci with a tassel, which slightly improved the look. The famous loafer combines neutral GG Supreme canvas with black leather. He just had the shining gold watch on his wrist.

Since they first met, the Elbas have been making a fashion statement at every red carpet event. When “The Mountain Between Us” made its global premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017, they were the first two people to walk the red carpet together. They would always remember their casual “date night” at Buckingham Palace, when Sabrina was dressed in Amina Muaddi and Idris was dressed in Ralph Lauren. Shaquille Ross-Williams, a well-known celebrity stylist, usually dresses the pair in clothing that complements both their distinct and merged styles.

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