Alexandra Ceylan
Alexandra Ceylan

Alexandra Ceylan raises the bar for others in the world of fashion and beyond

Besides being a known advisor in the area of fashion, she has also made her mark with humanitarian works and won hearts.

It is so surreal to notice the constant rise of a few industries across the world. Ever wondered what could be the reasons that might have helped most of these industries to continuously gain massive momentum and success? Well, among a myriad of reasons, no one can deny how a few self-driven and determined professionals fight tooth and nail to make a space for themselves in their industries and give it their all in order to stamp a more prominent status of theirs, even amidst great competition and saturation. Among many such tremendously talented professionals, Alexandra Ceylan is one to have made quite a buzz around her and her work in the fashion and modelling niches.

Alexandra Ceylan

The 1975-born from Hamburg is the daughter of a Serbian foreign worker that came to Germany in the 70s. Attending school in Germany, she also completed vocational training for events. Creating a career of her own and becoming a known figure in the world of fashion was something that always kept her on her toes and made her constantly work toward her goal each day, no matter what. This propelled her to become Ms. Jugoslavije in her young years in 1989. Six months later, she also got nominated to be Ms. Sympathy in Europe, Paris and earned third place.

As a 17-year-old, Alexandra Ceylan got married to the love of her life and today has two loving children whom she is dedicated toward. Diving deep into the world of fashion, she has come a long way as an advisor in the area of fashion and keeps up to date in fashion in terms of shoes, bags, jewellery and dresses from huge brands in the world.

What has also attracted significant attention toward this gorgeous lady is her humanitarian work, where she helps the humanitarian association UNICEF in Germany for children in need and animal welfare.

Alexandra Ceylan is a self-made success story who believed in her visions and kept following them until she achieved them.

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