Bigg Jigg: From Chicago Streets to Global Beats

The Meteoric Rise of the “Talk of the MID-West”

In the bustling urban soundscape of Chicago, few names have risen with such prominence and sustained momentum as Bigg Jigg. Dubbed the “Talk of the MID-West,” his journey from local talent to international recognition has been nothing short of inspirational.

106 & Park: The Launchpad

It all began when Bigg Jigg’s undeniable talent earned him a champion title for four consecutive weeks on BET’s 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday. This platform not only solidified his reputation as a formidable freestyle artist but also paved the way for greater opportunities. From there, the doors to the industry swung open, and Bigg Jigg took full advantage.

National and Global Exposure

After his breakout on Freestyle Friday, Bigg Jigg’s career went into overdrive. Touring over 40 cities, he became a familiar face on radio shows globally and graced the screens of multiple television shows, including BET’s Rapcity in the Basement, Video City, and MTV Jams. As his music videos and interviews aired, his fan base grew exponentially.

His visibility wasn’t limited to airwaves alone. Print media celebrated the rising star by featuring him on the covers of reputable magazines like Ozone Magazine, XXL THE HYPE MAGAZINE, YO RAPS MAGAZINE, and more.

Stellar Collaborations

Bigg Jigg’s stature in the music industry attracted collaborations with A-listers like T-Pain, Akon, and Nelly Furtado. Each collaboration further cemented his reputation as a versatile and dynamic artist, capable of blending his style with giants in the industry.

A Legacy in the Making

2010 saw the release of his nationwide Freshman album, “I Am the Go 2 Man,” which included the hit single “Gucci Girl.” Not one to rest on his laurels, Bigg Jigg also established “Go 2 Man Publishing,” showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

But Bigg Jigg’s story isn’t just about music. It’s about mentorship and legacy. With his publishing company, he aims to nurture the next generation of artists, ensuring that the music industry remains dynamic and diverse.

2023: A Resurgence

Fast forward to 2023, Bigg Jigg is back in the spotlight with two new hits: “see aboutcha” and the recently released “Pictures remix” featuring Baby Bash. Both tracks are available on all major platforms, ensuring fans old and new can experience the latest from the MID-West maestro.

For those looking to delve deeper into Bigg Jigg’s world, his presence on social media platforms like Instagram (@Bigg_Jigg) offers an intimate look into his life and work. His website, TheRealbiggJigg.com, provides a comprehensive overview of his illustrious career.

In conclusion, Bigg Jigg’s journey from Chicago’s streets to the global stage is a testament to talent, determination, and the power of dreams. His story is far from over, and the world waits eagerly for his next move.

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