At the Sydney premiere of “Babylon,” Margot Robbie wore a dress with a slit up to her thigh.

Babylon had its Australian premiere on Monday night in Sydney, Australia, in conjunction with a major celebration for Margot Robbie. Robbie wore a Versace gown in a pale blue colour with a thigh-high slit for the red carpet. The dress’s slit style and crimson lace hemline highlighted the actress’s stunning legs even more.

The dress had a sleeveless corset-style bodice with two spaghetti straps fastened with jewelled hardware and ruched fabric gathered at her hips. She wore it with similar blue heels, her hair down, and only her diamond wedding ring as jewellery.
Robbie claimed in a recent interview with W Magazine that the character she wanted to play for Babylon was silent movie star Nellie LaRoy. LaRoy plays a genuinely wild Hollywood party girl in the film.

She said, “When I got the script for Babylon, I knew I had to do it.” I’ve never experienced that with a script. I was so agitated that I once offered visiting the director at his home. When we finally met, I declared, “I have to play this character—mine. she’s
“It’s not hard for me to play a wild girl,” she continued. [Laughs] There was more cocaine in Los Angeles back then, in the 1920s, than there is now. Twenty-year-olds were becoming millionaires, while thirty-year-olds ran the studios. There were no regulations because the field was brand-new and unregulated. They partied a lot and had a great time. The centre of that universe is Nellie. And she doesn’t dress in a lot of clothes! No one enjoys dressing up more than me, and one of the primary costumes I wear in the movie is a pair of overalls with nothing underneath—not a bra, not a shirt, nothing.”

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