Prince Louis asked the Queen a sweet question on the balcony, and a lip reader just decoded it.

This past weekend was jam-packed with royal festivities, including the Queen’s traditional birthday celebration known as Trooping the Colour and ceremonies commemorating her Platinum Jubilee (that mark 70 years on the throne).

During Trooping the Colour, prominent royals make an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony to wave to the spectators and watch the Red Arrows soar by. But it was tiny Prince Louis who truly stole the show!

Along with shielding his ears and making faces at the sonic boom of the military aircraft, Louis also chatted with his great-grandmother, Her Majesty, and according to one lip reader, Jeremy Freeman, who spoke to The Mirror, he had some really nice questions he wanted answered as well.

When commenting on the event, Freeman claimed that the Queen was questioned by the Queen’s youngest child, “Are the Red Arrows coming?” and to that she responded, “I hope so,”
When the planes did show up overheard, the expert continued, he believes Prince Louis became quite thrilled and exclaimed, “Yes, yes, yes!” The Queen then said, “There it is!” ‘Oh, Red Arrows… Woah!’ Louis responded, bless his heart.

Moreover, Freeman revealed that he had witnessed a tender moment between Prince William and Kate Middleton up on the balcony, when Kate noticed Louis’ delight in the planes (apart from their noise!). Freeman claims she turned to face her husband and exclaimed, “Look at him!”

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