Tommie Mopia - Founder and CEO of TGM Group of Companies Inc.

Meet Tommie Mopia, a determined and self-made entrepreneur on his way to taking over the business world.

Tommie Mopia has already made his name prominent in the healthcare industry and is now upping the game even in the entertainment world.

It is astounding to learn about all those entrepreneurs who leave no stone unturned in giving it their all in all they wish to lay their hands on. Several entrepreneurs make sure to stick to one niche and take over the same, while many others believe in taking over varied niches, becoming “Jack of all trades” to eventually create their unique niche in the business world. It is thus necessary to throw more light on the journeys and successes of these entrepreneurs and business owners, who believe in their dreams, chase them with their full might, and achieve them one by one, just like Tamerlane, aka “Tommie” Mopia did in the world of business.

Tommie Mopia

Tommie Mopia stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind business owner who spares no effort in making the most of the opportunities in the business world. This has what allowed him to be his best version and show his A-game to the world as a top name in both the hospitality and the entertainment sectors as a passionate Filipino/American entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA, the US.

He was born in Iloilo city and brought up in Makato, Aklan, but later moved with his family to the US in 2008. While growing up, Tommie Mopia always knew he would create a magnificent career for himself, and this dream took him to the entrepreneurial world. After finishing his Nursing degree from the Adventist University of the Philippines in Silang Cavite, he took business credits at Harvard University extension school and is currently studying at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tommie Mopia at NYFW (New York Fashion Week)

Tommie Mopia today is an incredible entrepreneur, entertainment producer, founder, and CEO of TGM Group of Companies Inc., known for the best live concerts and music productions across the US. Through his company, he supports Filipino artists, designers, and others, by being part of the New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week production.

Initially, he stunned people with his work in the healthcare niche, owning and operating a hospice agency and home health agency in Southern California. Speaking of branching out into the entertainment world, Tommie Mopia says that he needed a break and wanted to put efforts towards giving back to the Filipino community; hence he incepted TGM Group of Companies Inc.

Tommie Mopia at Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

He even garnered more headlines with his affiliations, like being an active member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the US Chamber of Commerce, the American hospital association, the US healthcare compliance association, and a young leader appointee for US small business administration since the year 2016.

There is a reason, Tommie Mopia ( was featured in an interview on CNN Philippines and honored with “Emerging Young Entrepreneur of 2022” on Rico Hizon’s ‘Final Word’ program.

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