Queen’s one-word cruel response when andrew told her about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

In his most recent book, Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, Prince Philip friend Gyles Brandreth asserts that the Queen “took a firm grasp of things” and had no reluctance in depriving Prince Andrew of his royal duties.

A new biography claims that the Queen’s answer to Prince Andrew telling her about his acquaintance with Jeffrey Epstein was one harsh word.

The allegations regarding Her Majesty’s remarks to her son were made by Gyles Brandreth, a close friend of Prince Philip, in a forthcoming book titled Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait.

The Duke of York told Epstein about his acquaintance, and the Queen listened intently before responding simply with the word “intriguing,” according to Brandreth.

The Queen, he continues, “remained discreet and never said more than was absolutely required.”

He adds, “The Queen got a strong grasp of things,” that the Queen had no “hesitation” in removing Andrew from his royal positions when he was further implicated in the controversy.
According to Brandreth, a judge informed him: “There were just a few days between flash and boom. When action was required, she did so.

Following rumours that Prince Andrew was “persistently pressing” the Queen for a return to royal life, King Charles reportedly called the prince to a stormy meeting.
According to prior reports, Andrew was “blindsided” by his older brother when he instructed him to accept the fact that he will never again perform royal tasks.

Despite his connections to convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced Duke of York allegedly “always believed there was a route back” to his previous position and that he could “still be of benefit” to the Royal Family.

Just days before the Queen passed away, Charles and Andrew allegedly met at the King’s Birkhall estate in Scotland, when the Duke of York’s withdrawal from future royal duty was confirmed.
Additionally, Charles called the meeting after learning of his brother’s appeals to the Queen, according to Ephraim Hardcastle’s column in the Daily Mail.

The article claims that Charles was informed by the Queen’s top officials that Andrew’s relentless efforts to convince the ill queen to reinstate him as a “working royal” were having a negative impact.

Andrew understood that all hope was lost if his mother didn’t help him get better.

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