renaissance lady in the Bay Area’s entertainment Speaking is Keldamuzik

by JR Valrey, Information Minister for the People’s Oakland Bureau

Since the end of the lockdowns, if you have spent any time in Oakland or San Francisco’s local music scene, you have definitely seen the name Keldamuzik on a flier at least once or twice. Like James Brown was the man, Keldamuzik is the hardest-working woman in Bay Area entertainment.

She is a fashion designer that makes berets under her own brand. She is an actress. She works as an actor. She organises and plans fashion shows with models and designers from the area. She works for a well-known record company as COO. She is a Hip Hop artist, she plans her own tours, and more. Read about Keldamuzik in her own words since she is the Bay Area’s crown gem of the music scene.

R.J. Valrey How was your recent trip to Switzerland in Europe, and why were you there in the first place? Keldamuzik: I wanted to travel somewhere in Europe where not many US independent musicians often go to and build my own movement there since Switzerland offers excellent chances for Hip Hop artists. Every big event is hosted in Zurich; most recently, Kendrick Lamar, Kehlani, Pusha-T, and Lizzo performed there. I also had a few business meetings scheduled to talk about the introduction of my Tamz berets. I was able to establish a foundation for myself online by interacting with various fashion firms, artists, producers, and venues.
R.J. Valrey How were you received in Switzerland as a Black artist from the US?

Keldamuzik: Due to Zurich’s reputation for conservatism, I was well received in some establishments while solely Blues and Jazz were performed in others. Funny thing is, no one who performed at Club Hard One, where I made my performance, was Black; I was the only performer who was Black. That only goes to demonstrate how Hip Hop has spread to so many other places. Everyone participated in and supported the movement.

R.J. Valrey What recordings have you been working on lately?

I’m now working on some tunes with my elder brother Kafani, says Keldamuzik. Before he leaves, we’re going to release an EP. We recently published the song and video for “Mind Sex.”

At the end of November, I’ll also be publishing a collection titled “The Diva Network.” All of my collaborations with some of Hip Hop’s most well-known musicians, including Hylan Starr, Eddi Projex, Nova Boy, Kirk Brown, Netta Brielle, Numskull, Dem Hoodstarz, and a few more, are included on this CD. You’re going to adore it!

R.J. Valrey You have performed in several fashion shows. Can you describe your beret line? Have you advertised for them in Switzerland?

Yes, I have been participating in fashion shows for almost a year now. This is undoubtedly a new field for me, particularly with my new Tamz line of berets. Funny thing is, when I started presenting fashion shows and even working behind the scenes casting models and designers and other things, it all came so effortlessly to me. I love what I do now.

I marketed Tamz in Switzerland and had the opportunity to meet with a few distributors with whom I hope to collaborate in order to launch Tamz on a global scale.

R.J. Valrey Why did you initially get interested in berets in the fashion world?

Keldamuzik: From a fashion standpoint, nobody has ever branded berets before, particularly in the Hip Hop and Black communities. This is a first for us, especially with the variety of hues.

Because of all the vibrant colours we had, at first I was mainly promoting this to women, but as time went on, guys began to show an interest in it and buy the black and brown ones. So I say, “OK, everyone, this is for you!”

R.J. Valrey Can you elaborate on your promotion to COO to manage the record label owned by rapper Kafani?

Yes, Keldamuzik So, here is a tale about my brother that I’ve always wanted to share. He was only starting out when I first got to know him. I recall approaching him and requesting to interview him when “Fasst” was out. I thought, “Damn, right here is the next star of the Bay Area.”

Fast forward, or should I say “fasst ahead”; nonetheless, while he was sitting down and listening to music on the kiosk, he realised that I was the only Bay Area musician whose music had been played in jails and prisons. When he eventually left, he got in touch with me, and the rest is history.

Kafani is a very astute businessman who has introduced me to the Hip Hop scene and introduced me to certain things in this company that money couldn’t buy. I’m excited to manage his label while he’s gone so that I can give other musicians the chances they deserve and enable them to receive distribution via Ice King/Empire.

R.J. Valrey So which of your jobs—rapper, fashion designer, or music executive—do you prioritise? Why?

Keldamuzik: LOL, all of them! I schedule time for each campaign or project I work on. For instance, I just worked on a sizzle reel with comedian Mario Hodge to promote his upcoming show, “The Hodges.” Everything went out brilliantly and flawlessly since I prioritised that on my calendar so that there were no other problems.

Prior to that, Tanika Baptiste directed a play I was in titled “How Black Mothers Say I Love You.” I gave that my full attention for a month and a half. My first time acting in a play, it was a lot of effort, but I’m so pleased I did it and gained the experience.

Kafani and I had previously recorded “Mind Sex” and produced the video. That was something we both prioritised, and we were able to finish it quickly. It’s interesting because when I used to host Diva Discussion Tonite on KOFY TV, people would advise me to ignore music and movies in favour of the talk show, but I would always say, “No!” I am capable of doing everything. As long as you know what you’re doing and how to fulfil deadlines and other requirements, anybody can do it.

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