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Interview with Oakland hip-hop entrepreneur Con B: “Bigger than you thought”

by JR Valrey, Minister of Information

In Bay Area Hip Hop circles, Con B is a well-known figure who, in addition to rhyming, lets other artists use his studio, produces videos, and manages musicians. He personifies what it means to be a Black entrepreneur in the independent Hip Hop scene of today.

Although he should be praised for all of that, his most recent song encouraging Black women broke the pattern. Appreciating the ladies from whom we have all emerged has become a forgotten skill in the Drill Music Era, where 2Pac has been absent for more than 25 years. Therefore, it is commendable when an artist has the guts to escape the mental prison that society has incarcerated the majority of us in.

Check out Con B’s own comments and the freshly released song “Black Queen” on all platforms.

R.J. Valrey You recently composed a sick song called “Black Queen” in honour of Black ladies. Why now, and how did you come up with the idea?

Con B: I wanted to rework a 2pac song about giving ladies their flowers because today’s music is all about insulting them. It was also dedicated to my mother because she has cancer and might pass away at any time. They play the lead roles in the song video.

R.J. Valrey How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard of you?

Con B: Because I’m going to strike you from every direction and, if you listen, it’s largely tales, I refer to my sound as genuine music.
R.J. Valrey You cited a Pac line in the song, then you cited 2Pac to close out the “Black Queen” music video. What, in your perspective, does Pac represent for Hip Hop and the struggle?

Con B: He has a significant cultural and musical impact on the Bay Area. I thus believed that it would be cool to adapt his lines to contemporary music and preserve his memory.

R.J. Valrey How did you start making videos? Whom have you produced videos for in the past?

Con B: Well, my little brother introduced me to the world of video making. Although I wanted to make music and he was talented at it, his brain was still in the streets. I then formed a team. We formed a partnership because I would go film while he edited. For JStalin, Lil Blood, Fredo Bang, Stevie Joe, and Lil Goofy, I produced videos. In terms of togetherness, I even performed the West Oakland anthem, which is among my greatest to date.

R.J. Valrey Why did you decide to start your own rental studio business? When did you start doing that?

Con B: I’ve always had a recording studio. With simply a laptop and speakers at first, it was in my garage. Later, it moved to the side of my bed. I thus believe I have always had a studio. Going bigger was the goal, and I’ve had one for around 10 years now.

R.J. Valrey What have you been working on lately musically?

Con B: On October 9, 2022, I just released Part 1 and Part 2 of “East Oakland Diddy.”

Along with managing many artists and assisting them with their future plans, I am eager to organise additional events for children.

R.J. Valrey In five years, where do you envision yourself as an artist?

Con B: As a musician, I envision myself having one of the biggest hits in the next five years, attempting to sign many young people, assisting the majority in leaving their neighbourhoods, or even simply demonstrating to them that there is life outside of the streets. In essence, if that makes sense, I envision myself using my platform to aid in the construction of the city.

JR Valrey: How did you come up with the name Con B?

Con B: Ron B, my guy, failed. He was a trustworthy buddy who was murdered by the cops. They used to call me Conrad, Con, or Con B, and even since he passed away, I have continued to go by Con B.

JR Valrey: Is it possible for others to follow you online?

Con B: Thank you for having me. You can find me and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram @conb11500, Facebook (ConB), and YouTube. Purchase the brand-new “East Oakland Diddy 2” album right away!

The Oakland Bureau of the SF Bay View is run by JR Valrey, a journalist, author, filmmaker, and the creator of Black New World Media. You may get in touch with him on Facebook or at For additional information, go visit

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