ALL that noise that’s welcomed with a significant buzz!! ZIE

Rap music, also known as Hip Hop, focuses on controversial themes. It is about a wide range of events and themes. It could be political, social, or drafts of their own lives or love songs.

Zie currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada but is very famous in the Southern region of his home state Oklahoma. Though he belongs to a place where sports dominate life, Zie has caused a significant sensation. Rap musicians usually perform in a rhythmic or rhyming speech chanted to musical accompaniment. Hip-hop is based on five foundational elements Ming (oral), DJing (Aural), Breakdance(Physical)Graffiti (Visual), and Knowledge(Mental). These pillars ushered Hip hop into the 21 St century as a cultural phenomenon.It might not be widespread but should not be understated. Zie has built his reputation with his EAT (Eliminate All Troubles)brand. He has traveled with famous artists such as Kevin Gates to handle a multi-tape series in which he has been able to link up with the well known DJ Drama for a collaboration on his GangstaGrillz mixtape titled “Eat Reloaded”(2015).


He then released Eat 3, after which it was followed by loads of visuals that are causing ripples everywhere. This fall, he created a sensation, ” L.I.O.N.,” which has made a place in rap music with potent. Production, craftsmanship, and lyrical dynamism that’s his signature which we all recognize. Looking more into L.I.O.N, we notice Zie’s state of mind, and it’s no bragging, but it pulls everyone’s chords as it’s reflective mind expressing through life experiences and highlights.
It’s a direct aggressive approach through “Versace Sheets.”Zie keeps the listener spellbound, and no one misses a word as each line is weaved in such a way that takes meticulous care of the audience. His songs, such as “Eliminate,” shows his current status in Hip Hop. Being underrated to being a significant success, the music reflects his perseverance. His complete approach to
his musical complexity will elevate his brand and marketability. L.I.O.N. is a major step, and sure enough, more will follow.

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