After the shooting at Club Q, Dove Cameron Speaks to the LGBTQ+ Community in “You Are So Loved”

At the American Music Awards, when he won New Artist of the Year, Cameron discussed the value of “gay visibility.”
Dove Cameron, a bisexual pop musician, used her time on stage at the 2022 American Music Awards to stress the value of “queer visibility” in light of the horrible tragedy that occurred at the Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ nightclub Club Q the day before.

Cameron honoured her LGBTQ+ peers as she accepted the New Artist of the Year award.

I want to begin by declaring that every award I ever receive will be dedicated, first and foremost, to the queer community as a whole. “You guys have made it possible for me to be who I am. I’ve never felt more secure, loved, or supported, and I hope my music may convey part of that same feeling to you.

Cameron continued by discussing the tragic shooting from the night before, in which a shooter, later identified by police as 22-year-old shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich, reportedly entered the location with two firearms during a drag and DJ night, leaving five people dead, including two bartenders, and 25 others hurt.
Cameron continued, mentioning LGBTQ+ organisations like GLAAD and The Trevor Project. “On the heels of the tragedy that happened at Club Q in Colorado Springs, I want to remind everyone how vital queer visibility is, and how crucial our community is.”

She continued by thanking them for their support and reminding her queer audience that they are made totally right. She then addressed her audience once more. I appreciate you keeping this open. I’m keeping it for you as well.

This year, drag queens, teachers, and other LGBTQ+ persons have been unfairly portrayed as “groomers” by the conservative media and politicians. Anti-LGBTQ+ violence and harassment have been pervasive, from the numerous bomb threats made against children’s hospitals to the attacks on drag queens by Proud Boy.

Cameron, who this year’s queer anthem “Boyfriend” gave her first non-Disney Billboard Hot 100 success, has previously used an acceptance speech to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.
To “all the gay kids out there who don’t feel that they can take up space and embrace the fullness of who they are,” Cameron dedicated her best new artist victory at the VMAs in August.

She also thanked her fans for getting “Boyfriend,” a song that was “overtly gay,” on the radio.
I appreciate your support for who I am as a person and an artist, Cameron stated. “I hope you’ve given yourself the same privilege in the same way,” she said.

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