While strolling around New York City, Justin Bieber sported a pair of intense sunglasses from Poppy Lissiman.

Almost every phase of Justin Bieber’s personal style, which has evolved over time, can be identified by the eyeglasses he was donning at the time. There have been phases of Belieber RETROSUPERFUTURE flat tops, spiritual wire-framed aviators, and most recently, scumbag Balenciaga sunglasses. The latter phase, it appears, has transitioned into an even more cartoonish extraterrestrial bug-eyed sunglasses phase.

Earlier this week, while on a trip to New York City with his wife, Hailey Bieber, Justin debuted his new insect-like eyeglasses. The couple had been seen frolicking around the city in cute but oddly contradictory tiny clothes. (They are always the big suit BF and the elegant gown GF.)

When Hailey and Justin went for a coffee run in TriBeCa, Hailey was dressed elegantly in a giant-lapel Saint Laurent coat and razor-thin vintage Prada sunglasses, while Justin was sporting a shearling-trimmed Loewe work jacket and those enormous butter-yellow lenses.
The following day, his better half dressed like, well, his better half, donning more YSL off-the-runway, while he wore the same pair of glasses, this time in purple, along with a jaunty Stüssy striped cardigan.
The two bug-eyed pairs are both by Poppy Lissiman, an Australian accessories company that has just started to appear on some of the world’s most recognisable faces, including Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

The company’s Instagram feed states that the gigantic Cherloi sunglasses were freshly released this week and are also available in black. Which, we can only guess, means we’ll get another Justin-Hailey clothing mashup in the upcoming days — him in his black fly-eye sunglasses, her most likely in the put-together casual look you’ve ever seen.

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