The top TV seasons available for one-day viewing this holiday season

Take a seat back, unwind, and watch some fantastic TV.
You might be seeking for some top-notch television to curl up with in the chilly winter as Thanksgiving weekend approaches and the holiday season draws near. We have some recommendations for you, whether you’re searching for something to watch with your family or a way to get away from them.
We at Polygon brainstormed a list of interesting television shows that can be seen in a single day (or a weekend, depending on your stamina). These are constrained, standalone television seasons; some are single-season limited series, while others are multi-season shows with a single season we’ve chosen that stands alone and is well worth your time.

If you’re seeking for the finest single-season anime to watch, we have a list that’s similar. Without further ado, though, here is some fantastic television that you can watch in a hurry over the holiday season.

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