The Ignite Red Series by G-SHOCK has a bold, industrial design with fiery accents.

The enormous GA-100 series is making a much-anticipated reappearance in Ignite Red.
The Ignite Red line from G-SHOCK is now available. The brand’s most durable, tactical portfolio, which includes the GA-B2100BNR-1A, GA-2200BNR-1A, GA-100BNR-1A, and GA-700BNR-1A, will include the new models. Signature models, such the octagonal GA-B2100 and the enormous GA-100, are covered in a striking black-and-red colour scheme that captures the roughness and variety of the collection.
The Ignite Red series from G-SHOCK is a strong and durable option for watch enthusiasts who are tech-savvy. The series offers analog-digital functionality and an unquestionably shock-resistant construction strong enough to handle intense sports like mountain biking and skating. The GA-2200BNR-1A has a striking case and bezel, and the case and band are secured together by four screws. With a carbon fibre core and G-exclusive SHOCK’s Super Illuminator and double LED backlighting, it has a countdown timer, up to five daily alarms, and other functions. The octagonal GA-B2100BNR-1A has features in common with the earlier model but also has Tough Solar and Bluetooth connection via the Casio Smartphone App, along with a hand-shift feature and global time in over 300 cities, which define the brand’s most active models.

The GA-700BNR-1A, the broadest of the group at 57.5 millimetres, is made with a resin case and band. The huge nodules highlighting the industrial casing are used to make adjustments to the stopwatch, Super Illuminator LED, mode settings, and display. The GA-100BNR-1A is a 55mm wide ultra-tough middleweight that is designed with magnetic resistance that complies with ISO 764 and an automatic amber LED light. Each bezel is distinctively made with graphic motifs. Each piece has fiery red highlights, and the series’ well-known features are back: 20-bar water resistance, shock resistance, five daily alarms, and global time.

View the lookbook up above to see the collection in action. Visit the G-SHOCK website to purchase items from the Ignite Red line and to get information about the company’s most recent models.

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