One of the few female drivers in IndyCar, Lindsay Brewer claims she “can do everything these guys can do.”

Brewer is one of the few American women who may compete in the Indianapolis 500 in the near future, and she is excited about the chance.

In the physically taxing sport of IndyCar racing, Lindsay Brewer is aware that the deck is set against her as a woman. The 25-year-old has “never” questioned her determination to overcome obstacles and realise her aspirations, though.

She claims that Brewer “always wanted to go quickly.” As a child, she spent a lot of time with her family snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and jet skiing in the outdoor playground that is Arvada, Colorado, a neighbourhood just outside of Denver.

When Brewer was four years old, he recalls pressing his mother’s thumb to accelerate the jet ski as he was sitting in her lap.

She played tennis and golf as a “type A,” intensely competitive youngster, even taking first place in the state at age 9. But she didn’t discover racing as her actual passion until she was 11 years old.

When I attended a birthday celebration at this go-kart track, I outperformed all the boys and grownups, said Brewer. Brewer destroyed him on the track when another child let her ride in his Mini Max go-kart. “My dad was informed by the track owner, “You really need to buy her her own kart.” In fact, she is naturally talented in this area.”
Brewer’s parents agreed, and she began training every weekend. In her first year, she won a regional championship. The family then decided to invest “everything in” Brewer’s racing career. She switched from racing 60 mph Mini Max cars to 90 mph shifter cars, which are faster.

Brewer, who is also a model, took a sabbatical from racing to attend San Diego State University, as required by her parents. However, after graduating in 2019, she was able to leap back into the scene and land her first sponsorship, which is the lifeblood of racing.

There were many sacrifices made, she recalls, including missing prom and having to travel practically every weekend during her final year of high school. But I’m glad things worked out.

Brewer is currently competing in the second of the Road to Indy series’ four tiers, driving heavy road cars capable of reaching 180 mph. She claims that this particular difficulty left her “truly suffering” and put her at a disadvantage because of her little size.
“The lack of power steering belies the high horsepower of the vehicles. They have great physicality.”

Brewer, though, headed directly to the weight room rather than becoming irritated. She declares, “I will go to the gym twice a day if I have to.” “I’ll do everything I can to build myself up.”

Because she has Danica Patrick as a motivation, she also knows it is feasible.

We have similar body types, so she questions, “If Danica can do it, why can’t I?”

Brewer claims that her motivation for success partly stems from how she feels when driving.

She declares, “I’m a different person. When I don my helmet, I become lot more aggressive and different than what people would expect. I’m really pleasant off the track.
Additionally, Brewer is establishing herself this year. She managed a top-10 result in her first-ever street race in July after finding a new sponsor in C4 Energy, and she managed a 13th-place finish in her debut oval race in St. Louis.

Brewer claims that pushing himself has been enjoyable.

Her “goal” is to keep rising through the ranks and win the Indianapolis 500, the ultimate competition in her sport. Brewer is adamant despite the fact that just 11 women have ever qualified.

She claims, “I know I can accomplish whatever that these guys can do.” “I am aware of my speed. I am confident in my abilities.”

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