Lucy Boynton Has Undergone a Significant Transformation and is Now a Fiery Redhead – View Photos

When you start to think that our craze for red, copper, and auburn hair has subsided, another public figure rekindles the craze, and all of a sudden we’re all captivated. Lucy Boynton, who most recently sported peroxide-blonde hair, debuted her new look on December 14 at the premiere of her most recent movie, The Pale Blue Eye.

Lucy Boynton’s deep chestnut hair colour subverted her heavenly, vintage-inspired white gown and gave her appearance a subdued edge. No of the shade, choosing a new hair colour correctly means making sure it enhances rather than detracts from the skin tone. Lucy’s new colour does just that, emphasising her green eyes and adding a lovely, pale, and intriguing touch to her appearance.
She has tried the copper hair fad in the past couple of years, but she is by no means the first and won’t be the last. Everyone has tried out different variations of the style, including Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kendall Jenner. As a result, the trend has permeated into salons all over the world.

Lucy’s appearance was further enhanced by a lot of aesthetic elements. Her oxblood, sultry lips (get the look with Dior’s Rouge Dior lipstick in shade 886 Enigmatic and a dash of gloss or balm), maroon nails, long, spidery lashes, and a carefree brushed-up brow—all give a touch of the gothic while keeping it joyful.

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