Kim Mulkey, LSU Women’s Basketball Coach, Faces Backlash Over Outdated Fashion Choices and Anti-LGBTQ Views

Kim Mulkey, the women’s basketball coach at Louisiana State University, is facing backlash once again, this time over her latest outfit. Mulkey has a history of making controversial statements and has been criticized for her anti-LGBTQ stance.

In the past, Mulkey has stated that her players must look like “ladies” in order to win championships. This kind of rhetoric is not only outdated, but it also perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes and excludes players who don’t fit into traditional gender norms.

Mulkey’s recent outfit has sparked a new round of criticism, with many people calling her out for her conservative fashion sense. The outfit in question featured a long-sleeved black top paired with a plaid skirt and knee-high boots.

Some social media users compared Mulkey’s outfit to that of a conservative Catholic schoolgirl, while others simply called it outdated and unfashionable. Others criticized her for not using her platform to support LGBTQ athletes and for perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes.

This is not the first time that Mulkey has come under fire for her views on LGBTQ issues. In 2017, she faced backlash for saying that Baylor University, where she was previously the head coach, is “not a sexual assault haven” and that those who criticize the university “probably didn’t go to Baylor.”

Mulkey’s anti-LGBTQ views have also been called into question. In 2015, she was criticized for making a statement in support of an Indiana law that was seen as discriminatory against LGBTQ individuals.

The fact that Mulkey continues to face criticism for her views and her fashion choices speaks to a larger issue in women’s sports. Women coaches are often held to a different standard than their male counterparts when it comes to their appearance and behavior.

It’s time for women coaches to be judged on their coaching abilities rather than their fashion sense or personal beliefs. Women athletes should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they choose, without fear of judgment or discrimination.

As fans of women’s sports, we need to hold coaches like Mulkey accountable for their actions and statements. We must continue to fight for equality and inclusion in all areas of sports, including gender expression and LGBTQ rights.

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