Justin Bieber Integrated His Pimple Patches Into His Look: Photos

Even big-name celebrities like Justin Bieber deal with him on a daily basis. Over the years, Justin Bieber has been incredibly transparent about his battles with acne, from discussing his face care routine to including his pimples in selfies. At the moment, he said, “Pimples are in.” He’s now acting in accordance with his words, including acne patches in a current, casual attire.

On November 6, Justin Bieber was spotted in Los Angeles sporting a pair of baggy pants, a grey T-shirt under which was a grey “New York” crewneck sweatshirt, and a light green and blue windbreaker jacket. (In essence, the ideal getup for lounging over the weekend.)
Not his pink sneakers or blue baseball cap, but a few black Starface acne stickers on his chin, forehead, and eyebrow served as the finishing touch.
The hydrocolloid patches are enjoyable to wear, almost like an acne accessory rather than something you need to hide, and they help reduce acne and protect the skin from bacteria. You can wear them all day and let them take care of their crucial work because they look cool and feel more like body art than acne products.
On their Facebook Watch series in the spring of 2020, Justin and his wife Hailey discussed their skin highs and lows. “Qui aime l’acné? It is awful, “At the time, Justin stated. It’s terrible for your self-confidence because, “particularly with all these filters on Instagram, people are looking amazing with their skin, and you feel like that’s reality, but in reality, a lot of people probably have poor skin,” says the author.

In the past, Hailey has been spotted sporting Starface patches, so it’s safe to assume that both Mr. and Mrs. Bieber frequently wear the company’s Hydro-Stars.

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