Julia Okropiridze: From being a dance lover and budding dancing artist to becoming an influential dance trainer

She is a silver medalist of the Eurovision Dance Show and, over the years, gained great recognition for participating in and winning many prestigious dance tournaments and competitions.

To have the vision to attain specific aspirations and goals in life is one thing, but to have the guts, courage, and attitude of learning and hustling every day, overcoming challenges and consistently moving ahead on one’s journey with the genuine aim to turn those visions into a reality is a different thing altogether. Those who belong to the latter category are the ones who never give up, no matter what and this very attitude and positive approach in life propels them forward even amidst massive saturation and competition in their chosen industries. When it comes to creative and artistic realms like dance and entertainment, women have raised the bar for others as the powerhouse of talents, just like Julia Okropiridze did in the world of dancing.

Julia Okropiridze

Many call her a “dancing queen” for a reason, for this passionate soul, began her journey as a 4-year-old through classical choreography. By the time she turned seven, she had learned to do jumping, backbends, barre, and splits and then got into learning the most sophisticated sport and dancing style, ballroom dancing. She shares how like any other girl, she would watch varied dancing championships on TV with beautiful couples performing in mesmerizing costumes and pulling out a great show and would imagine her doing the same. She manifested this, and it also later happened in her life. From seven years till she turned 19, she won a mammoth of medals, titles and cups in her dancing career, performing at national and international tournaments.

Julia Okropiridze

Julia Okropiridze says that since a very young age, she has been a part of varied such competitions, shows and tournaments and is still participating in the American version of the World’s Got Talent TV project, which is filmed by Hunan TV in China. “Working on international projects is a great experience,” she says, adding that she gets the opportunity to reveal herself both as a dancer and also as a teacher training stars. This has what been her journey from being a dance lover and budding artist to becoming a choreographer and dance tutor.

Julia Okropiridze

The top dancing talent (@icyjulia), who is now based in the US today, thrives high with her own dancing school teaching children and adults and also keeps entertaining people with her music videos.

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