Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Shares Secrets of Her Romance with Mysterious Movie Star

Jessica Simpson, known for her successful music career, has just released an Amazon original short story that has everyone talking. Titled “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single”, the story describes an encounter Simpson had with an unnamed movie star when she was 21 years old and five days away from getting back together with her then-boyfriend and future husband, Nick Lachey.

According to Simpson’s story, the movie star, referred to as “Movie Star”, met her at a 2001 MTV VMA after-party and the two eventually reconnected after her marriage to Lachey ended in divorce. Simpson writes that she and the movie star had a secret romance and even shared their first kiss at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but she soon found out that he was still in a relationship with another woman. Despite being pursued by the movie star, Simpson insisted on staying away from being the “other woman” and eventually ended the relationship on her own terms.

The story has a twist when Simpson writes about her realization that the movie star was trying to hide her from his girlfriend. She even recounts the time when she traveled to see him while he was filming, but had to use the fire escape to get to his room because they had separate rooms on different floors. However, the relationship never became physical and Simpson writes that she took the pillowcase the movie star slept on as a “trophy” to remember their time together.

Despite not revealing the identity of the movie star, Simpson’s short story has sparked speculation and interest from fans. The story is a part of her promotional efforts for her upcoming third album, which has just released its lead single, “You Only Love Me”, featuring several high-profile celebrity appearances in its music video.

In conclusion, Jessica Simpson’s “Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single” is a tantalizing tale that has everyone talking and guessing who the mysterious movie star could be. With its intriguing plot and insider look into Simpson’s life, the short story is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romantic tale.

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