Top Influential : KING aka ifeelking
Top Influential : KING aka ifeelking

Get To Know The Blockbuster Artist KING aka ifeelking

With ‘Maan Meri Jaan,’ KING has reached number one in India.

King, sometimes known as King Rocco, is an Indian singer, rapper, and composer. He was one of five finalists on the MTV reality program ‘MTV Hustle’ in 2019. King is a well-known, well-liked, and well-liked Indian rapper and singer.

King’s professional career started in 2019 with the launch of the MTV Hustle television show. On this television show, King performed for Raftaar, Raja Kumari, and Nucleya. King is originally from New Delhi.

MTV Hustle fame in 2019 In India, rapper and singer King, also known as King Rocco and alias Badnaam Raja, is well-known. Arpan Kumar Chandel is King’s true name. The artist began his musical career at a young age.

Arpan, better known as King Rocco, was born in the nation’s capital, New Delhi. He had aspired to be a successful rapper since he was eight years old. He finally realized his aim, becoming a huge success with his YouTube channel and music career.

In the year 1998, King was born. King will be 24 years old in 2022. Aries is King’s zodiac sign. King is from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ashok Chandel is King’s father, while Rani Chandel is his mother. King Rocco was born and reared in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

King Rapper’s full name or birth name is Arpan Kumar Chandel. He performs under the stage name King Rocco.

He subsequently became popular after showcasing his ability on YouTube. MTV Hustle fame in 2019 Arpan Kumar Chandel, better known by his stage name King Rocco, is a well-known Indian rapper and performer. The artist began his musical career at a young age. King’s true name is Arpan Kumar Chandel.

While still in school, King shared his rap videos on numerous social media platforms. In 2015, he posted his debut ‘Boombass’ video on his YouTube account, ‘King Rocco.’ On October 5, King launched his first music album, ‘Circumstances.’ Among the tracks included on the CD are ‘She Know,’ ‘Purple Grime State,’ ‘The Division,’ and ‘Clearly Now.’ He auditioned for the reality program ‘MTV Hustle’ in 2019. King auditioned online, sending rap videos to the developers of MTV Hustle.

Raftaar, Raja Kumari, Nucleya, and Naezy, four well-known Indian rappers, then picked King for the final audition. During the audition phase, King sang the song ‘Mai Khoya Rahu,’ and as a result of his performance, he was picked as the main candidate from the top 15 competitors. He was one of the top five contenders on the program. In 2020, he published ‘The Carnival,’ a music album that includes songs such as ‘Dracula,’ ’90s,’ ‘Mafiia,’ ‘Let The Eyes Speak,’ ‘IICONIC,’ and ‘Tu Aake Dekhlé.’ During the same year, he published his second album, ‘Heartbreak, Made Me Do It.’

MTV Hustle is the first rap/hip-hop reality program in the United States. Aspiring rappers battle for the title of India’s most famous hip-hop artist. Season one premiered on August 10, 2019. The judges were Raftaar, Nucleya, and Raja Kumari. The program, which aired on MTV India and is currently accessible on Voot, was presented by Gaelyn Mendonca. In Season 1, 40 auditionees were picked from online registrations for studio auditions, with only 15 rappers chosen to participate. Rappers were graded on their literary ability, rapping style, and overall performance. M-ZEE-BELLA was crowned the winner of MTV Hustle Season 1 on October 13, 2019, while EPR was chosen the runner-up.

The second season of MTV Hustle started on September 3, 2022, with Baadshah as Judge and Dino James, Dee MC, King, and EPR as Squad Boss. The program, which aired on MTV India and is currently accessible on Voot, was presented by Krissann Barretto. 14 participants were chosen for MTV Hustle Season 2 through Voot Online Auditions. After Badshah selects which squad hopefuls to put in each squad, the four Squad Bosses will coach and assess the competitors based on their skill, performance, metre, technique, musicianship, and narrative. Viewers will also be able to engage in the search to support their favourite talent by voting openly on the Voot.

King Rocco, also known as Badnaam Raja, is a Singer, Rapper, and Pop Artist who is well-renowned for his mesmerizing performance and vocal abilities. King released rap videos on numerous social media platforms while in class and at school. He posted his debut ‘Boombass’ video on his YouTube account, ‘King Rocco,’ in 2015. King is not from a musical or Hip-hop family. King is an Indian singer and rapper who made his television debut in 2019 on the MTV Hustle reality program. MTV Hustle gave him the opportunity to perform in front of Raftaar, Raja Kumari, and Nucleya. King is presently a resident of New Delhi, India. King is a well-known and well-liked Indian singer and rapper. King came to notoriety as a consequence of the MTV Hustle reality program.

Life has gone full circle for hip-hop singer King. In 2019, he started his career by participating on the rap reality show ‘MTV Hustle,’ where he finished in the top five. In a series, the performer has now risen to the role of squad leader. ‘With MTV Hustle, it’s been an emotional journey for me,’ King said of his experience. The principles I learned from this show helped shape me into the confident, accomplished artist that I am today.’ ‘I am really looking forward to it, and it is a tremendous joy for me to return to the program this time to coach a bunch of really brilliant candidates,’ King stated.

King’s Best Rap Songs List

  • Tu Aake Dekhle
  • Gumshuda
  • She Don’t Give A
  • Gold Digger
  • Badnaam Raja
  • Fantasy
  • 90s
  • No Loss
  • Casanova
  • Shaamein

King Rocco Albums

  • Mashoor
  • Heartbreak – Made me do it
  • The Carnival
  • The Gorilla Bounce

King Mashoor Album Songs

  • Maahaul
  • Fantasy
  • Umar 73
  • Akeli Awara Azad
  • Ghumshuda
  • I know You
  • Going Bad
  • Outta My mind
  • Gold Digger
  • Moment Hai

King Heartbreak Album Songs

  • Mood
  • Tere Naam Pe
  • Fosure
  • Banjarr
  • Dur Kyun
  • Aarzoo
  • Mirza and Ghalib
  • Obsession

King The Carnival Album Songs

  • She Dont Give a
  • Thoda Samjha Karo
  • Dracula
  • 90s
  • Mafia
  • Let The Eyes Talk
  • Iconic
  • Tu Aake Dekhle

King The Gorrilla Bounce Album Songs

  • Picasso
  • Blanko
  • Saloot
  • Godfather
  • Casanova
  • Shaamein
  • Koo Koo
  • Desi Dan Bilzerian
  • Mai Bas Kehti Nahi
  • Era
  • Tera Hua Na Kabhi

King Khwabeeda Songs

  • Baazi
  • Ektarafa
  • Sinner
  • The Campagne Talk

5 Interesting Facts about King Rapper

  • Arpan Kumar is the real King Rocco, but he is better known by his stage name. He had considered pursuing a career in rap since eighth grade while he was still in school.
  • King’s debut album, ‘The Carnival’, has received over 120 million audio streams since the release of his first song, ‘Boombass’.
  • The song ‘Tu Aake Dekhle’ has amassed over 150 million streams across all audio digital music services and over 247 million streams on YouTube. 
  • After three episodes of MTV Hustle, he made his debut. King Rocco was given the opportunity to work on Nucleo’s album, which will be released in 2020, after the opening performance.
  • For the hip-hop artist King, life has come full circle. He began his career in 2019 by competing on the rap reality series ‘MTV Hustle,’ where he placed among the top five. The performer has now attained the position of squad boss in a series.

Follow him on Instagram : @ifeelking

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