Canada is anticipating the arrival of the Yeezy Gap Hoodie (Impatiently)

The Yeezy Gap collaboration is back with a new product that is already trending online after launching its brand alliance with a surprise drop in June. Although it isn’t yet available in Canada, the “Yeezy Gap Hoodie” has arrived and aroused excitement all around the world.

After a secret countdown clock appeared on Gap’s landing page to hype up fans for the imminent launch, the drop happened on September 29. In addition to purple, brown, light brown, red, black, and a blue that harkens back to the collaboration’s initial release, the double-layered hoodie is made entirely of cotton. The hoodies are available in adult sizes for $90 USD and in children’s sizes for $70 USD.

The collection is capturing the classic warmth of Kanye West’s brand with its second release. The “Round Jacket,” the first Yeezy Gap product, was a dazzling, vivid blue unisex puffer. The $200 USD jacket was unquestionably a statement piece, but the newest Yeezy Gap clothing is much more understated and hence more wearable.
In fact, some admirers have pointed out similar-looking hoodies that are offered on stores like Amazon for significantly less money because the pattern is so simple. It is not a ground-breaking design, but will we adopt it when the opportunity arises? Obviously. The brands’ cooperation has already cemented itself as fashion history because to the constant buzz surrounding it. After all, it was the summer when enthusiasts hurried to order a winter jacket.

The Yeezy Gap Hoodie does have some distinctive elements that make it stand out, though. To begin with, it lacks the drawstrings and hood features that are typical of sweatshirts. The hoodies have dramatic drop shoulders, a big front pocket, and ribbed trim on the cuffs and hem. They are definitely baggy. Since last year, Ye has been spotted donning the sweatshirt, which has earned the moniker “The Perfect Hoodie” from admirers. West was spotted wearing the Round Jacket a few days prior to its release, continuing the artist’s practise of donning his creations before they are released.

According to CNN, the addition of Yeezy clothing has been a boon for Gap, since it has increased sales and attracted new, younger customers. The businesses allegedly have a 10-year partnership, so although if the collection is only now offered in the U.S., there will likely be many additional Yeezy Gap items in the future. Keep an eye on this space for information regarding Canadian consumers.

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