Ahead of their SoHo pop-up, PXG and collaborator Nick Jonas discuss fashion, golf’s new frontier, and the all-new PXG x NJ capsule.

The PXG x NJ Capsule will be unveiled during the pop-up along with a panel discussion with Nick Jonas and Renee Parsons, president and executive creative director of PXG Apparel.
On November 15, PXG will make its PXG x NJ clothing capsule premiere at an immersive New York City pop-up in SoHo, which was designed in collaboration with singer-songwriter and actor Nick Jonas. In honour of the capsule, Renee Parsons, President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, and Nick Jonas will participate in a panel discussion that will be hosted by Courtney Kenefick, Associate Creative Director of Hypebeast, and Ray Mate, Senior Editor of Hypegolf. The premium clubhouse atmosphere of Scottsdale National Golf Club, which is owned by PXG, will be recreated during the tournament. To access the event and learn more about the collaborative process that went into creating the capsule, attendees must reserve a “tee time.”

The PXG x NJ capsule, which teams up with singer-songwriter and actor Nick Jonas, hits the sweet spot where fashion and athleticism converge. The recording artist is acquainted with the club’s owners, Bob and Renee Parsons, and is a member of Scottsdale National Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Despite not being a professional golfer, Jonas was excited about the potential of working with PXG on a clothing line. The PXG x NJ capsule naturally developed from a common ambition to offer diverse, all-around golf styles that are equally useful on the course as they are out for drinks with friends – golf apparel that speaks to a new frontier of players and their lifestyles. According to Jonas, “We wanted to build this out as an après golf experience with hybrid items where lifestyle and golf intersect, so whether that’s a night out with friends, at business, or even on a date, you’ve got something for any scenario, including being active. It amazes me to see how easily there is a new fashion aspect to golf with this new group of players.

The collection uses contemporary design components to show sartorial and technological panache. Seasonal flashes of colour enliven the range’s classic designs while black-and-white colorblocking and a “NJ” symbol modelled by a crest pay respect to PXG’s history. The variety of polo shirts, long sleeve shirts, vests, jackets, and pants creates adaptable head-to-toe sets that appeal to aspiring golfers who appreciate the country club image but prefer edgier, on-trend looks that can be worn outside of the sport. A golf slider, a frequently-overlooked need for golfers eager to decompress after a day on the course, is also brought to the forefront by the capsule. “Embedding the spikes into the sole of a slide is a novel twist,” adds Jonas. “Traditionally, spikes are at the bottom of shoes. “I was pleased to develop something I’ve never seen before. There is a little bit of everything in this capsule for everyone, and the bags are incredibly utilitarian and distinctive as well. The fitted pants, which feature a casual flare at the bottom hem and a pleated front with a nod to the ’50s and ’60s, are among his favourites. Jonas calls them “a modern and clean take on a classic design.”

Both sides had ideas for universally appealing elements that would make spontaneous golf outings and travel easier. According to Parsons, “PXG has always had that sensibility.” “We have it in our DNA to start looking outside of golf for inspiration when developing our clothing and accessory lines each season. Nick’s ideas and ingenuity were a wonderful addition, and they worked well together. The PXG x NJ capsule puts a novel take on golf’s conventional attire for the younger players who are now dominating the game. Golf is frequently seen as a microcosm, therefore changing the game needs all players to reassess the country club environment outside of the course.

This idea is echoed by Scottsdale National Golf Club, which focuses on events that foster community and situate the club’s atmosphere at the nexus of sport and culture. Renee Parsons is a key driver of the club’s personality, forgoing various rules that are infamous for making the game more difficult in favour of progressive ideas. Parsons equipped the club with modern fixtures, furnishings, and a rollout of lifestyle amenities and activities that expand and deepen the sport, like hosting Wino Wednesdays, when members may partake in artisanal wine tastings. She did this by drawing on her career in hospitality. Parsons works hard to highlight up-and-coming female golfers who have blazed new trails in the sport as part of her purpose and creative imprint on PXG. For instance, we employ more LPGA players than PGA males, according to Parsons. It may be highly daunting for women since they frequently don’t feel accepted at golf clubs or in the sport. Women shouldn’t feel like outsiders because of our ongoing efforts to make it more inclusive.

Many people enter golf through the world of fashion. Newcomers establish their place in the sport via self-expression, and companies like PXG enable athletes to appreciate their game and its historical growth. Parsons wants to meet golf enthusiasts who support PXG’s objective to introduce the game to new generations and transcend experiences off the course during the NYC pop-up. “I can’t wait for [guests] to witness how intricately designed and detailed these pieces are. The standard of the trimmings and other details is what I believe will really thrill people, not the quality that is present. And we’re eager to begin our first [shoe]business partnership with Nick.

Starting on November 15, customers may purchase the PXG x NJ capsule both online and at PXG shops. To make a “tee time” for the SoHo pop-up, go to PXG’s website. For those who do not live close to New York, PXG will also have a pop-up store in Los Angeles from November 19 to 20.

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